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Saturday, December 10, 2011


I have to big a big Thank You! to Dr Malek for this one. And several others enjoyed that night. We dined at Auburn's Thai Garden. The owners name is Nu. He is a beer nut! if you ever get a chance to drop in, ask him for his latest "stash".
So its a good thing I take notes. There where many "dead soldiers" that evening.  But I was excited to try this one. The Lost Abbey Carnevale Saison Ale. Nu only seems to have pint glasses for his beer collection. So served in a pint glass it was! It poured a nice hazy orange color,lots o carbonation coming up from the bottom forming a nice white head. It didn't last long leaving minimal lacing. It smelled wonderfully musty and spicy. Maybe stone fruit? It had a doughy taste,then pine and orange peel like on the end. It had good carbonation on the tongue yet it seemed creamy? A nice dry finish. I think this is a great Saison ale. I enjoyed it. I had so many great Saisons this year its hard to keep track,but if I see this on the menu..
I'm gonna get it again.  Thanks Again DM!   Prost!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Ale

I am not a big fan of Holiday Ales. Sierra Nevada's Celebration ale is too spiced for me. I'm just not a fan of adding nutmeg, coffee, cloves, ect. So when the Lagunitas Rep came by and dropped off some "Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale" I was happy to see it was not spiced. Normally they would brew "Brown Shugga Ale" this time of year, but they are under a Brewery remodel. Actually adding on. Their IPA is 60% of their beer sales so it takes up most of the brewing room. So this year they put together a cereal ale. I like it. I am not a "hop head" but this was a nice crisp change of pace.

It poured a nice clear straw color. A good amount of  carbonation shows. I has a nice two to three finger pure white head. Large bubbles and light lacing as it settled down. Next smell.. It has a very piney citrus smell, slightly sweet maybe some pineapple?  Taste... Yeah, again citrus but grapefruit like, piney bitterness. I liked it for my afternoon brew. Mouth feel... lots o carbonation on the tip of the tongue. Lights up in your mouth.  Overall? Well as I said, I liked it. As far as "Holiday Ales" go, this is the best. But its not really a traditional Holiday Ale. So you should try it. If you like IPA's you will love it. I'll have it again. Prost!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Beer!

Lagunitas!  My personal favorite Brewery. I always have a bottle of the "Pils" in stock. So for the big turkey day I decided to pick up a bottle of Doppel Weizen. I thought it would cut the smoked turkey well. I really didn't get to find out how it paired because we ended up popping it open during "Happy Hour". I served it in a tulip glass. It poured very copper orange and cloudy. It had a off white head that wasn't very big and dissipated quickly. A small amount of lacing. It smelled of clove,spice and banana. It had a malty sweet taste,citrusy, some wheat and you could pick up the high alcohol. It had a medium mouth feel, I thought it would feel thicker. Very smooth but with a higher carbonation. I'd call it crisp.
Overall I like it. A whole bottle would kick my but so it was nice to share. I'm not always a fan of the "weizen's" because the clove/banana thing. But this worked well.  Enjoy!

Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Back!

So after a long absence, I'm back to Blog. I will try and update weekly now. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Forgive me......

Its been too long for this. Ahhh,
 Lagunitas Brewing Co.  I have a soft spot in my stomach for this place. My current staple beer is from here. The Czech style Pilsner. Good stuff. This week I sampled and shared a couple bottles of their Lucky 13. Its an American Amber- Red Ale.  I really enjoyed it. The first sampling was the best because I was by
myself on the patio, so no distractions. I bought the first bottle a Bevmo. It only comes in the 22oz bottle. With an ABV of 8.9 I had to clear the schedule for the rest of the night. So here goes my reveiw. I started by pouring into a tulip glass.  Look= It pours a clear cooper/orange color. It quickly gets a big 2 to 3 finger foam head. The head disapates fairly quickly down to 1 finger leaving a nice sticky lacing on the glass. Smell= sweet malty up front, Citrus, but Grapefuit like. Has some hoppyness.  Taste= Again sweet hits me, citrus, piney then malty. a little boozey. Feel= medium thickness,good carbonation, a little prickley on the tongue. Dry finish but you do feel the heat of the Alcohol.  Overall= Very drinkable! I was worried it would be too hoppy. I hit me well, leaning to the malty and sweeter side. I will put this one in my rotation. Prost!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I've got a question....

Ive got so many reveiws to do. But I have to ask this..... Food Truck =  BBQ or Bacon based?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Paddys Day!

It is St. Patrick’s Day – that day where folks wear green, pinch you if you don’t, work on their fake Irish accents and drink green beer.  While originally the holiday was meant as a feast day to celebrate the story of grace coming to Ireland through St. Patrick, it is most widely known as a time to pack the bars, eat cabbage and celebrate Irish culture.
As far as beer drinkers go, it is usually a showcase of Guinness and green lagers.  Since I find the concept of green beer about as repulsive as dying rivers green (it happens in Chicago, and is frankly, unnerving), I was wondering what to review for this happy day when I spied a green label at the Co-op that also had that delightful little carrot emblem that notifies you of something “local.”  Upon closer inspection, it was a 22 oz. bottle of an Irish Red Ale from Rubicon Brewery in Sacramento.
If you’ve never been to Rubicon, it sits in Midtown and looks like any other restaurant until you get inside and see the big kettles through the glass windows towards the back.  It’s not a huge joint, and not a huge brewery, so when the Co-op says local, they mean it.  Sierra Nevada is rather local as well, but they are shipping beer everywhere – probably to Ireland for all I know.  Rubicon, I’ll wager, isn’t making the trip that far, but is found around here.  If you can’t make it to their tap room, you’ll find a few bottles in local markets with the Co-op having the best Rubicon selection.
The Irish Red Ale was an obvious choice for today, and quite frankly, I was excited to review something other than Killian’s Red or Guinness – I do just hate to be too cliche’.  According to the legend, St. Patrick, in trying to explain the Christian doctrine of the Trinity to the Irish people, happened upon a shamrock and began utilizing its three leaves as an illustration.  In trying to explain this beer, I found myself wishing there was a shamrock somewhere that could help, because it is a tad confusing.
It pours a gorgeous amber color, and so naturally, one expects a certain maltiness from what follows.  But the nose is fruity and full of citrus, so you know this isn’t a traditional Red, and certainly not your typical Irish Red.  The taste confirms your suspicions.  The nose of the beer caught me off guard, and when I took that first sip, sure enough, I was as confused as a person getting pinched for not wearing green.  The brewers at Rubicon have committed themselves to something here, and it isn’t really an Irish Red.  The hops are full all the way through.  It doesn’t showcase its 7.5% alcohol either – dramatically higher than a typical Irish Red.
Rubicon describes this as a cult favorite at their taproom.  If you are looking for a traditional Irish Red, this beer will feel like a betrayal of the type along the lines of Julius Caesar and his doom on the Ides of March.  It is as if the brewers at Rubicon looked at their recipe for an Irish Red and said to themselves, “I’ll bet St. Patrick liked way more hops than this calls for.  Let’s put more in, for him, of course.”
The result is unexpected – disappointing if you were really hoping for a traditional Irish Red, or a pleasant surprise if you like more hops than what is considered traditional for the style.  Personally, I enjoyed it more than I was expecting to for whatever reason.  It was apparently fresh, so kudos to the Co-op for keeping it stocked well.
While I doubt St. Patrick would appreciate people pinching one another for not wearing green today, I’m also not sure how he would have felt about this beer.  It is unexpected, and not entirely correctly labeled, but interesting nonetheless.  If someone pinches you today for not wearing green, first, do as St. Patrick taught and forgive them.  Then, invite them over for some Irish Red from Rubicon and discuss the merits of this beer.  At the very least you can agree that it is prettier and more natural looking than a lager dyed green.  And maybe, after discussing the shamrock, you can even agree that though confusing, this beer is a fine addition to your new St. Patrick’s Day repertoire.
Pogue Mahone!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"can I get a SKU check on Russian River Damnation"

Oh man, I've got a new fav. I picked this up while surfing the local BevMo. I was looking for something to sample this weekend. I picked up  a Sour and this slice of heaven. I'm glad they had it cold. I couldn't wait to get home and pop my afternoon beer. Ahhh there it is. No opener needed. Just like a champagne bottle I just removed the wire cage and popped the cork. A slight pop and then I poured into a chilled pint glass. I pours a cloudy golden yellow. An exquisite bouquet of dried fruit and spice. Carbonation slightly high but very much Belgian style. At 7.75% it has a nice kick. One that I didn't get to fully enjoy. As my cat decided to jump on the sofa which caused my beer to spill. I almost cried. This is one of the best Belgians I've ever tasted. I highly recommend  you run out and get some. Unfortunately its 4.99 a 12.68 FL oz bottle. I think I spilled half :(

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Taste the Cucumber.

During the Summer I like to drink Gin and Tonic.
I started to add different citrus flavors. Its a nice "refreshing" drink. But as most of you know I prefer my alcohol to speak for itself. So I sampled a few Gins. I found Hendricks to be my personal favorite. Now I like to enjoy a very dry Hendricks martini with a cucumber garnish. The garnish enhances the whole experience with smell and taste. Here is a review.  Hendrick’s Gin is a small batch gin produced in Ayrshire, Scotland and is distilled from a proprietary recipe.  Hendrick’s Gin is infused with the traditional juniper, coriander, and citrus peel flavors you may expect to find in gin, but Hendrick’s also infuses a couple unexpected botanicals.  The unexpected infused flavor comes from cucumber and rose petals, giving the gin a truly iconoclastic taste.  The cucumber and rose petal infusion gives this gin a truly different and unique flavor. So next time your at the Bar and you want something a little different. Ask for a Hendricks and  Drink up!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Heading into the Abyss

The wife an I got a great invite up to Auburn to check out a nice little Thai place to eat.  Auburn Thai Garden Restaurant right off  hwy 49 and Palm. When I scoped out the menu online I  found they had an
amazing beer list. It turns out the owner is a self proclaimed "beer head". So  to skip to the chase, this is all about the beer. We decided to split a bottle of "The Abyss". A 22 oz bottle of pure joy.  The poor server brought us a bottle but couldn't figure out how to get pass the wax seal? So after she came back with the bottle she promptly filled our tulip glasses with the liquid gold. Pours a pitch black color, developing a small, brown colored head that recedes fairly quickly, not leaving lace on the glass so much as depositing oil-like slicks of beer that pull down with each sip.

Aroma is nice and intense, a mild roast character initially which falls into some chocolate and coffee notes. Some vanilla and oak from the barrel, not a whole lot of bourbon, which is kinda nice for once.

The flavor is a complex combination of malt and barrel characteristics which combine to make and outstanding Imperial Stout. The malt characteristics really shine, some slightly roasted and chocolate notes and strong dark caramel character, followed quickly by wood notes of vanilla, toasted marshmallow and just a hint of bourbon. All in all a great experience.

Not to say the rest of the evening wasn't delish. I just decided to rate the beer today. That way I can go back and give another review of the food!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Beer review

So with all the football on this weekend I thought it was a good time to sample some beer I'd been meaning to check out. Allagash Brewery was fresh on my mind so I thought I would check out the "White ale" A quick serch of Bevmo online found 7 4pks availible at the local store. I pick up a 4pk and head home to toss it in the freezer since they only sale it at room temp.
This Allagash white was poured from a bottle into a pint glass. It was served chilled. Cloudy appearance towards the top of the glass and less cloudy towards the bottom. More of a cloudy golden color.

This is a tradition Belgian whit beer full of flavor with a hint of orange peel and coriander. Spicier than most normal belgian style wheats. Full of flavor.

Slightly higher than average ABV content.
Great choice of a belgian style unfiltered wheat. Great brewery to visit in Portland, Maine.
so if you are in the mood for a slightly "herbal" white,  I give it a soild B

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ciopinno night!

http://www.onespeedpizza.com/ So what started as grabbing a pint of brew after work, turned into a wonderful family dinner night at One Speed!
 I wanted to check out the new release of Double Bastard Ale from Stone Brewing Co. It is a 11.2%ABV beer. Limited release. The beer did not fail. Sometimes these high alcohol brews are over the top. This one was more like a Scotch ale. Nice bite, no heavy Carmel or burnt tastes. I liked it.
 The highlight of the evening turned out to be the Ciopinno. It was packed full of seafood. I found shrimp,calamari,scallops,white fish,clams,mussels and of course..Crab! A nice rich broth with excellent sourdough toast to sop it up with. One of the best bowls I have had. Sharing this meal with my family makes it an evening to remember!