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Saturday, December 10, 2011


I have to big a big Thank You! to Dr Malek for this one. And several others enjoyed that night. We dined at Auburn's Thai Garden. The owners name is Nu. He is a beer nut! if you ever get a chance to drop in, ask him for his latest "stash".
So its a good thing I take notes. There where many "dead soldiers" that evening.  But I was excited to try this one. The Lost Abbey Carnevale Saison Ale. Nu only seems to have pint glasses for his beer collection. So served in a pint glass it was! It poured a nice hazy orange color,lots o carbonation coming up from the bottom forming a nice white head. It didn't last long leaving minimal lacing. It smelled wonderfully musty and spicy. Maybe stone fruit? It had a doughy taste,then pine and orange peel like on the end. It had good carbonation on the tongue yet it seemed creamy? A nice dry finish. I think this is a great Saison ale. I enjoyed it. I had so many great Saisons this year its hard to keep track,but if I see this on the menu..
I'm gonna get it again.  Thanks Again DM!   Prost!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Ale

I am not a big fan of Holiday Ales. Sierra Nevada's Celebration ale is too spiced for me. I'm just not a fan of adding nutmeg, coffee, cloves, ect. So when the Lagunitas Rep came by and dropped off some "Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale" I was happy to see it was not spiced. Normally they would brew "Brown Shugga Ale" this time of year, but they are under a Brewery remodel. Actually adding on. Their IPA is 60% of their beer sales so it takes up most of the brewing room. So this year they put together a cereal ale. I like it. I am not a "hop head" but this was a nice crisp change of pace.

It poured a nice clear straw color. A good amount of  carbonation shows. I has a nice two to three finger pure white head. Large bubbles and light lacing as it settled down. Next smell.. It has a very piney citrus smell, slightly sweet maybe some pineapple?  Taste... Yeah, again citrus but grapefruit like, piney bitterness. I liked it for my afternoon brew. Mouth feel... lots o carbonation on the tip of the tongue. Lights up in your mouth.  Overall? Well as I said, I liked it. As far as "Holiday Ales" go, this is the best. But its not really a traditional Holiday Ale. So you should try it. If you like IPA's you will love it. I'll have it again. Prost!