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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Heading into the Abyss

The wife an I got a great invite up to Auburn to check out a nice little Thai place to eat.  Auburn Thai Garden Restaurant right off  hwy 49 and Palm. When I scoped out the menu online I  found they had an
amazing beer list. It turns out the owner is a self proclaimed "beer head". So  to skip to the chase, this is all about the beer. We decided to split a bottle of "The Abyss". A 22 oz bottle of pure joy.  The poor server brought us a bottle but couldn't figure out how to get pass the wax seal? So after she came back with the bottle she promptly filled our tulip glasses with the liquid gold. Pours a pitch black color, developing a small, brown colored head that recedes fairly quickly, not leaving lace on the glass so much as depositing oil-like slicks of beer that pull down with each sip.

Aroma is nice and intense, a mild roast character initially which falls into some chocolate and coffee notes. Some vanilla and oak from the barrel, not a whole lot of bourbon, which is kinda nice for once.

The flavor is a complex combination of malt and barrel characteristics which combine to make and outstanding Imperial Stout. The malt characteristics really shine, some slightly roasted and chocolate notes and strong dark caramel character, followed quickly by wood notes of vanilla, toasted marshmallow and just a hint of bourbon. All in all a great experience.

Not to say the rest of the evening wasn't delish. I just decided to rate the beer today. That way I can go back and give another review of the food!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Beer review

So with all the football on this weekend I thought it was a good time to sample some beer I'd been meaning to check out. Allagash Brewery was fresh on my mind so I thought I would check out the "White ale" A quick serch of Bevmo online found 7 4pks availible at the local store. I pick up a 4pk and head home to toss it in the freezer since they only sale it at room temp.
This Allagash white was poured from a bottle into a pint glass. It was served chilled. Cloudy appearance towards the top of the glass and less cloudy towards the bottom. More of a cloudy golden color.

This is a tradition Belgian whit beer full of flavor with a hint of orange peel and coriander. Spicier than most normal belgian style wheats. Full of flavor.

Slightly higher than average ABV content.
Great choice of a belgian style unfiltered wheat. Great brewery to visit in Portland, Maine.
so if you are in the mood for a slightly "herbal" white,  I give it a soild B

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ciopinno night!

http://www.onespeedpizza.com/ So what started as grabbing a pint of brew after work, turned into a wonderful family dinner night at One Speed!
 I wanted to check out the new release of Double Bastard Ale from Stone Brewing Co. It is a 11.2%ABV beer. Limited release. The beer did not fail. Sometimes these high alcohol brews are over the top. This one was more like a Scotch ale. Nice bite, no heavy Carmel or burnt tastes. I liked it.
 The highlight of the evening turned out to be the Ciopinno. It was packed full of seafood. I found shrimp,calamari,scallops,white fish,clams,mussels and of course..Crab! A nice rich broth with excellent sourdough toast to sop it up with. One of the best bowls I have had. Sharing this meal with my family makes it an evening to remember!