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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cleaning out the walk in

Ok, so things are getting a little messy in the walk in. I figure its time to clean out a little stock. Lets see here....I've got some slow roasted pork, Hmmmm, the wife always likes pasta.... Ok here we go, I took the pork and cubed it, tossed it in a pan with some bacon fat, added cajan seasoning and let it simmer. Add half a can of black beans, chop up some garden fresh romas and set. Now to the sauce. Start with a little olive oil and fresh minced garlic. A little cream and Arrow root to thicken. Oh yeah....and butter. I would have loved to use Penne pasta but Fettacine will have to do. Add some smoked Papricka to the sauce, Add the sauce to the meat......mmmmm. Add the pasta to the meat sauce and Wha-la! Damn this is good! Sorry no pictures this time. Next time I'll add mussels and it will be purfect. Just the right amount of heat. I did enjoy a new Trader Joe's wine with it. Sugar Pie red wine. Cheap and tasty. Fruit forward and almost no tannins. Slightly sweet. As Gordon would say, a great 'Guaffing 'wine.
Of course....this could all the the wine talking....

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