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Thursday, May 3, 2012

wow...... I must say, Tonight I sampled something special,  for a bourbon lover this is a must try.George T. Stagg.  140.  proof straight Bourbon Whiskey.  I packs a wallop! but.... sooo nice. This is from Buffalo Trace antique collection. Be Carefull! this stuff is Hot!  But dont let this scare you. This has so much flavor! Its nuts. You have to try  this neat at first. After that you can add some pure water. Such a sweet nose. Rice crispy treats meets rootbeer...yum. The astringent heat comes though and then finishes very nice again....So tastey, very surupy and full of flavor. Vanilla, ripe bananas, dried figs, raisin, molasses, spice, oak, and there is a dark cola flavor that lurks in the background. I dont know but I think this shit is da Bomb... But then again.... this reveiw is after a few Smitwiks and a George T Stagg "sample".......Enjoy!

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