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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Does the Blackbird Sing in the dead of night?

Lets see.........

  So last night my brother Kris invited me to a "friends and family" event at the re-opening of Blackbird. Now called Blackbird kitchen + beer gallery. I love to go to these events with a critical eye. Like if I was an investor. That being said, this is my "experience".
   The evening started out well enough. We arrived a little before our reserved time of 7:30. I believe that was to control a mad rush at the kitchen. We were promptly greeted with smiles and welcomes. Kris immediately ran into one of the co-owners and GM Ron. It seems anytime I'm out with my brother its like being with a Rock star.  Handshakes, Hugs and Smiles, Everyone knows Kris. We asked to sit at the cool bar but Ron recommended we sit in our assigned area so they could "test" the servers. A little back story here... Part of the problem with the old Blackbird was "lackadaisical"  service. To be fair, this is what I have heard. I have never experienced it. But back to now... Again, the hostess was very sweet waiting for Kris to meet and greet another co-owner Tony as we headed upstairs to our table. Shortly after we sat we were brought three card menus with one for Eats, one for Drinks and one for Beer. With an expected 50 beers on tap, the beer menu was the largest. I this these menus were made up just  for the nights event. I think it would be a little cumbersome for every day menus. Kris's friend Charlie soon met up with us and we proceeded to drink the water at our table and chat. This is where the "investor"
in me comes out. Our water glasses were kept filled as we waited for over 20 minutes to have a Server say hi. Another couple next to us was waiting just as long and were trying to adjust their  table from rocking. I know if I noticed it, Someone in the staff must have noticed it. But then again at this point nobody has taken our drink order.... So finally a server came our way. I believe his name was Rob. Seemed to be a great guy. He was clearly not aware we had not been helped and was apologetic. He proceeded to take our drink orders. I ordered a Ninkasi Summer Reign, Kris ordered a Ninkasi Dawn of the Red and Charlie had a Titos Mule. The drinks came promptly and tasted great. Next we ordered our Eats. Carrying over from the old Bird menu, Its is still heavily seafood based and has "raw" bar items. Our first course's were The clam chowder, fish tacos (baja style) and nachos. Everything was Perfect. The clam chowder is one of the best I've ever tasted. I thought I tasted a smokiness in the chowder so I asked the server if he knew. He didn't know but if they are smoked clams I say "well done". The fish tacos, simple and tasty. The nachos were a generous serving of pulled pork over black beans with a avocado like sour cream. Served with what must have been house made chips on the side. These nachos don't have yellow processed cheese. and you eat them with a fork!  Next on to round two of drinks. I had the elusive Moonlight Brewing Death and Taxes black ale, Kris had a Ninkasi Tricearahops   and another Mule for Charlie. On to the Entree. Kris ordered the seared  grass fed sirloin with mussels. What a fantastic cut of meat. It was cooked perfectly. A nice salty crust on top and that beautiful grass fed flavor. Charlie got the hamburger but didn't share....it looked good....I ordered the mussels. Probably the plumpest meat I've ever had in mussels. The broth was like French onion soup. I wasnt my favorite broth but Kris sure seemed to enjoy it.  So ...... That was our quick visit.  What is my over all impression?  I will be back! the food was "off the hook" good. I cant wait to try some more, but at the same time. I dont know how I could not order the chowder and sirloin again, Nice choice Kris. I'm sure the wait staff will get up to speed. I would have like to hear some beer and food pairings. Maybe even put it on the menu. And in a Farm to Fork town like Sacramento, I would have liked  the server to know where the sirloin  was from.   Just my two cents.......... So, I believe the Blackbird will be singing in the dead of night for awhile this time!

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