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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bacon and Brew Feast

So last Saturday afternoon my daughter Sierra and I were off to Pangea's Two Brew Cafe
for the Bacon and Brew fest. We thought would would hook up with Brotha Kris and Jen to have a drink and some bacon goodness. We received a text from Jen to get our arses there quick because they were trying to save us seats and it was packed! I pulled up out front and sent Sierra in to grab our seats while I found a place to park. It was wall to wall people! As I entered the Cafe the smell of bacon was amazing. I started to salivate immediately. Kris found the bottle room had the quickest way to get a brew so he promptly brought me some malty goodness. Next, I sent Sierra up to the loooong line to order us some bacon. They had a special bacon menu. Pork Belly, bacon nachos,bacon grilled cheese and bacon sampler. She was going to get the bacon nachos and sampler for me. She handled the crowd like a seasoned concert veteran. (must have picked up tips from her mom).  She was told they where out of everything except the sampler, so she said "two please". Meanwhile when Kris and Jen received their order they ended up with an extra grilled cheese and marmalade sandwich, Thanks again Kris and Jen! After Sierra ordered she decided to head across the street to Gunthers and get a BLT sandwich so she could eat it while we were waiting for the bacon. Sierra noticed that all these strangers in this packed place were Happy, and making new friends left and right. She realized that bacon was the thing that brought everyone together(or was it the Brew?). And that the world would be a happier place if everyone ate more bacon!

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